Distressed Debt

APS Investments is a European Distressed Debt Investment Company

A standalone business headquartered in Luxembourg, a member of APS Holding. Our team has been engaged in investment advisory for distressed debt and assets since the early 2000s, as APS pioneered the first NPL portfolios’ trades in the CEE markets. We delivered numerous complex and landmark deals and helped open up markets in the SEE and CE countries as well as the Hellenic space. We are proud to be one of the movers and shakers in the region, helping to develop the industry and growing with it.

Key Investment Targets

Secured Opportunities

We specialize in acquiring NPL backed by valuable collaterals. Our expertise lies in identifying opportunities where we can maximize asset value through strategic management and restructuring. With deep industry knowledge, we mitigate risks and optimize returns, revitalizing distressed assets for stable growth.

Unsecured Opportunities

Investing in unsecured portfolios involves acquiring distressed loans, which requires rigorous due diligence to assess risks and recovery potential. We negotiate favorable terms and implement effective debt resolution strategies to maximize recovery rates and deliver sustainable returns.

Private Lendings

Responding to market dynamics, we are actively engaged in private lending. Our focus is on providing flexible, tailored financing solutions to meet diverse borrower needs. With a commitment to responsiveness and personalized service, we support growth and economic resilience.

Investment professionals tying closely with the local recovery teams

Seasoned investment team

Robust and experienced investment team enables us to cover large number of transactions across the region and funnel the most perspective ones efficiently through assessment and underwriting process. International investment team combines investment banking expertise with strong analytics and we are known for dedication, diligence and persistence. The in-house team of experienced investment managers leading individual transactions works closely with dedicated analysts team processing valuation models.


We acquire and manage distressed debt for more than 15 years since the start of the markets and understand it in-depth across all categories. We understand the cycles and lived successfully through them. We know the motions around the sellers, advisors, buyers and investors. The investment mandate targets:

Distressed situations

  • Repossessed RE portfolios
  • Single credits & restructurings
  • Operating financial institutions and companies with loans or RE portfolios

Loan portfolio

  • Non-performing loans
  • Sub-performing loans
  • Performing loans
  • Across all credit category (secured, unsecured, corporate, retail, leasing)

The investment track record highlights

Loan portfolio

  • €10.3 billion NV* of acquired assets and over €800 million of funds deployed¨
*Based on nominal value at acquisition
  • over 20 years of investment and management experience
  • >20% weighted average IRR achieved **
  • Over 100 investment made and managed

With our international team and extensive network throughout the region, we are experts in local markets and culture. This allows us to adapt to changes quickly and underwrite and manage investments to deliver desired returns to our client.