Debt Servicing

APS Recovery is a Distressed Debt Asset Manager

We offer comprehensive services to numerous institutional investors in Non-Performing Loan (NPL) portfolios, as well as to banks, leasing providers, and telecommunications and utility companies.

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Debt Recovery Strategy


APS has always relied significantly on developing and growing its own employees. The internal pool of employees is supplemented by specific skill sets from the market by recruiting experienced experts from banks, advising companies, law firms, and other businesses.


The core recovery system that APS uses is Capone, a recovery software that has been significantly tailored to the specific uses of APS and has proven to be a great tool for managing, tracking, and optimizing collection strategies and processes. A high level of flexibility also enables full integration with the systems of our customers, leading to automatic and regular data exchanges.


Group know-how regarding the collection, standardization, and development of processes is a great basis for any debt recovery activity. On the other hand, many cases (or portfolios) require a special approach and out-of-the-box thinking.

Technology to provide 
first-class service, APS relies on the following elements.

Our Performance

With over 700,000 corporate and retail debts managed across CEE and SEE, our seasoned managerial team is dedicated to securing the most advantageous outcomes for each case.

Over 20 years of experience

We maintain a team of nearly 400 professionals dedicated to providing swift, efficient, and ethical collection services. With over two decades of experience in the distressed-debt recovery industry, we have developed effective strategies for fair interactions with both clients and debtors.

Within Debt Recovery, APS provides services in the following segments:

  • Unsecured retail claims
  • Mortgages (including managing the eviction process according to applicable laws)
  • Secured corporate claims
  • Other complementary services such as financial reports and car repossession

New services and products

In response to evolving customer demands, we have diversified our service portfolio in recent years, introducing new offerings such as Customer Care to better serve our clients.