Established in 2021.

APS successfully launched APS CREDIT FUND SICAV, a commingled regulated fund domiciled in Czech Republic.

The Fund raised more than EUR 31,6 million within the first fundraising period of its sub-fund RHAPSODY. In 2022, the fund launched the second sub-fund RHAPSODY II with EUR 27,6m fundraised.
APS CREDIT FUND SICAV targets distressed opportunities in the post-COVID-19 environment. Due to impact of COVID-19 on national economies, distressed markets are expected to be extremely active in the upcoming years. APS CREDIT FUND SICAV is designed to offer Czech and Slovak qualified investors participation in this substantial investment opportunity.

The expected targeted return on investment is 12% p.a. (net of fees). The recovery process for portfolios acquired through APS CREDIT FUND SICAV will be managed by local APS servicing subsidiaries.