02. August 2022

APS has acquired a leasing company in Slovenia

APS has acquired a leasing company in Slovenia

APS Group widens its activities in the Balkans. The Czech-headquartered company successfully acquired UNICREDIT LEASING, leasing, d.o.o. from UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d.

UNICREDIT LEASING, leasing, d.o.o., a company with assets worth ca 60 million Euro, over 2,000 clients, and more than 3,500 leasing contracts is being acquired by APS Group.

“This acquisition strengthens our position in the market and brings additional value to our clients. We worked hard to finish this deal as UNICREDIT LEASING, leasing, d.o.o., perfectly fits into our strategy,” said Martin Machon, APS Group CEO, after closing the transaction.

After the acquisition, the leasing company will continue its presence in the market under the name APS Finance Adria, d.o.o.

As for APS Group, this is not the first time it has bought a leasing-service provider in the CESEE region. It previously acquired Volksbank Leasing Holding.

About APS Group

APS Group was established in 2004, and during its 18 years of existence, the company has managed to take a top position in 15 other countries. It operates mainly in the Central and South-Eastern European markets. The group’s area of expertise consists of 3 pillars: distressed debt investments, alternative asset management, real estate investments. APS Group currently manages 106 non-performing loan portfolios with a total nominal value of over 10.3 billion euros.